Alumina upgrade project nearly 90 million yuan old

From April 15 last year to April 18 last year, the last old project was completed. Chinalco Henan Branch's alumina energy-saving and emission reduction upgrade and reconstruction project through the transformation of the old idle transformers, low-voltage distribution cabinets, High-voltage power distribution cabinets, cables, pipelines, machinery and equipment, dashboards, instruments and other equipment can save nearly 90 million yuan in investment, and exceed the target of more than 1800 million yuan.

It is understood that the alumina energy-saving emission reduction upgrade project is the company's lifesaving project, and is also a major investment project of Chinalco in 2016. Shortly after the project was approved, Ge Honglin, secretary of the party group and chairman of Chinalco Corporation, asked the leadership of the company to build the project as a demonstration project for the future of the new projects of Chinalco. The company actively implemented the requirements of Chairman Ge Honglin, determined the old work goals, and adhered to the general principle of the simultaneous construction and implementation of the project construction plan and the old project.

It is reported that at the same time as the project headquarters was established in early April last year, the company established the Project Liaison Working Group, which consists of four construction teams, including two electrical groups, one mechanical group, and one self-control group, responsible for the project's lighting projects. All the electrical engineering construction, the removal of small-scale mechanical equipment and part of the pipe network, and the demolition of the self-controlled equipment except for the old ones.

The company used the alumina plant and thermal power plant maintenance personnel to form an old work and management team with a total of 180 employees; organized technical staff of each unit to establish information libraries for old equipment and materials; organized professional and technical personnel to use old equipment and various sub-items. Supply and distribution systems have been funded and optimized. The project plans for each of the Ligong old working group were developed one by one, and in conjunction with the construction unit to solve various technical problems, the reinvestment of old and used equipment was successfully completed.

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