Solid wood composite floor advantages and disadvantages look how experts say

There are many types of floor materials, of which solid wood composite flooring is popular with the public, it is fashionable and modern, and very much in line with the needs of contemporary people in pursuit of environmental protection, the most important thing is that its price compared to solid wood flooring to be a lot of money, Of course, solid wood composite flooring is not absolutely perfect. Next, Xiao Qi brings the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood composite panels for everyone. I hope everyone will read more about solid wood composite panels.

First, what is solid wood flooring

Let's first look at the characteristics of solid wood flooring. Its raw materials are made by staggering layers of various types of tree species. Because of the reasons of raw materials, it overcomes the shortcomings of solid wood flooring that swell and shrink, and it has better Dimensional stability, but the appearance is similar to solid wood flooring, also has a natural wood grain and comfortable feet. Solid wood flooring also has the appearance of strengthening the stability of the floor and the solid wood floor, and is very green.

Second, solid wood composite wood floor advantages and disadvantages - advantages

Solid wood floors give people a fresh and natural feeling that makes people feel solid, but their prices are relatively high. Solid wood flooring has both the classic characteristics of solid wood flooring and its thermal insulation properties. The installation method does not have too many requirements and it overcomes the shrinkage properties of solid wood flooring. Solid wood composite flooring has good corrosion resistance, and the effects of insect-proof and moisture-proof are also good.

Many homeowners do not want to choose wood floors because they are worried about difficulties in later stages. In fact, the cleaning of parquet is very convenient, and long-term use can be bright as new, not embedded dirt, good wear resistance so that owners do not need to spend too much Energy maintenance. If you choose a better brand, you can maintain the brilliance of the paint even if it is not waxed within 3 years.

Solid wood composite flooring is not easy to damage, this is due to the substrate of solid wood flooring, to ensure a variety of internal stress of the wood is well adapted to protect the flatness and stability of the wood floor. More specifically, due to its unique structure alone, the demand for wood is not so high, so the price on the market is much cheaper than solid wood flooring.

Third, solid wood composite floor advantages and disadvantages - shortcomings

There is no one in gold and there is no perfect person. After reading the parquet, let's take a look at its shortcomings.

At present, solid wood composite flooring sold in the market is composed of a number of medium-density fiberboards. This special structure will require a large amount of glue in the production process. The current market is divided into three layers and multiple layers (5 layers or more). 7 layers). Each layer is glued. The more layers there are, the greater the amount of glue used, so the amount of formaldehyde will be more. Because the quality of the glue used by the manufacturer cannot be guaranteed, the internal material consumers are not very good at distinguishing. As a result, solid wood flooring is less environmentally friendly than solid wood flooring.

Xiaobian conclusion: The above analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood composite wood flooring , and hope that the owners of friends have more understanding of parquet. Friends in the purchase of wood flooring should be carefully selected, the best choice for the brand's flooring manufacturers, quality is more secure. If a friend with a relatively high environmental requirement is required, it is recommended to choose a higher-end solid wood floor. For some common requirements of consumers, solid wood flooring will be a good choice.

Wood parquet advantages and disadvantages

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