Basic decoration process foundation decoration considerations

Many decoration whites are not very familiar with the concept of home basic decoration, and the basic decoration is the most important part of the home decoration, which directly affects the construction and decoration effect of the later construction. Therefore, for the owners, understand some basic decoration. Knowledge is very necessary, then the following small series of decoration home network on the basic decoration process and decoration issues related issues, follow Xiaobian together to understand it!


First, the general process of home base renovation

Waterway reconstruction: line positioning → grooving opening → pipe inspection → acceptance → cement mortar sealing

Circuit transformation: scribe positioning → grooving opening → pipe buried box, box → threading

Woodworker ceiling: elastic horizontal line, stakeout → determine lifting point → install main bone hanger, hanging piece → install main keel → leveling, arching → installation horizontal support dragon brother → overall leveling, correction → installation gypsum board (self-tapping fixed)

Waterproof: clean the base layer → base layer sprinkling water → paint waterproof → acceptance


Wall brick process: base layer cleaning → positioning and laying line → brick selection → wet wall surface → brick immersion, dry and dry → paste → surface cleaning → joint seam, curing

Floor tile process: base layer cleaning → positioning and laying line → brick selection → paving → surface cleaning → joint sewing, maintenance


Latex paint process: interface agent backing → anti-rust treatment → caulking treatment → patch bandage → Yinjiao elastic line → plaster to fill the yin and yang angle, local leveling → full scraping the first time putty leveling → full scraping the second time putty leveling → sanding clean Brush the first time latex paint → partial repair and grinding → brush the second time latex paint

Mixing process: cleaning of the base layer → atomic ash patch eye, gap → atomic ash leveling → polishing, cleaning → brushing (spraying) the first primer → atomic ash to get repaired → sanding, cleaning → brushing (spraying) the second time Primer → find repair → sanding, cleaning → brush (spray) first coat → find repair → sanding, cleaning → brush (spray) second coat

Clearing oil route: cleaning of the base panel → brush (spray) the first primer → smashing the eye, repairing the nail hole → polishing and cleaning → brushing (spraying) the second primer → repairing the nail eye, repairing the color → polishing and cleaning → brushing ) The third time primer → sanding cleaning → brush (spray) the first time the topcoat → sanding clean → brush (spray) the second time the topcoat


Second, the basic decoration matters needing attention

1. Control materials and wages

If you don't ask the decoration company to install it yourself, the cost of the decoration can be done. But the premise is that there must be someone at home who knows how to decorate and have time. First of all, in the purchase of materials can be "lasting war" with the merchants, bargaining, shop around, even after the investigation directly to the manufacturers to buy.

2, the construction period should not be too tight

If you only ask for two renovation workers and 5 renovation workers, the price is a world apart. Jiuzheng Home Network reminds you to buy anything and pay the deposit first, don't pay the full amount. Don't give the workers all the money at once, and then pay off after the completion of all the projects, which can prevent the workers from working sloppyly, and reduce the wages when they feel unsatisfactory at the time of acceptance.

3, when buying materials, optimistic about the appropriate must take a sample, remember to compare with the sample when the goods arrive, to prevent businesses from playing small tricks.

4, buy materials less than the largest stores and supermarkets to buy, not to buy in small stores, to medium-sized stores to buy, the quality is more secure, and can bargain.

The above is the whole content of the basic decoration process brought by Xiaobian. I believe that after reading this article, the small masters have a basic understanding of the basic decoration process. If you want to know more about decoration consultation, please click to enter the decoration. Process section.

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