Several basic principles of interior decoration

Interior decoration is very important, many home interior decoration can make the whole family more full of home taste, but also allow people to stay in a more pleasing environment, then we look at some of the interior decoration to show everyone a different home environment . Here we will introduce a few basic principles of interior decoration and interior decoration materials which.

Several basic principles of interior decoration

1, to meet the use of functional requirements

Interior decoration is mainly to create a good space environment and meet people's requirements for indoor living, work, rest, etc. Therefore, interior decoration should fully consider the use of functional requirements, so as to make the indoor environment reasonable, comfortable and scientific. Reasonably configure furnishings to solve indoor ventilation, but also pay attention to the overall effect of indoor color.

2, to meet the spiritual function requirements

The function of interior decoration also requires spiritual functions. The spirit of interior decoration is to influence people's emotions and even influence people's will and action. Designers can use various theories and methods to impact people's emotions and sublimate them to achieve the desired design effect. It also highlights certain ideas and artistic conceptions so that it can better play its role in spiritual functions.

3, to meet the requirements of modern technology

The interior decoration must have the necessary structural type knowledge. Only familiar with and master the structural system performance and characteristics. Interior decoration design can be placed in the category of modern science and technology. To make interior decoration better meet the requirements of spiritual functions, we must use the latest achievements in modern science and technology.

4, to meet the regional characteristics and national style requirements

Due to different regions, different ground weather conditions and different ethnic habits, there will be great differences in architectural style. Therefore, the design must have different styles and characteristics, and it must reflect the national and regional characteristics to arouse people's national self-esteem and self-confidence.

What are the interior decoration materials?

1, wallpaper: wallpaper selection mainly in color and pattern, but paving should pay attention to the combination of color and pattern, so that the overall style, color uniformity.

2, veneer: veneer panels are mainly protective wall panels, wooden wall skirts or hoods. The plywood is the main type of interior wall veneer, according to the number of layers can be divided into plywood, five plywood, etc., according to its tree species can be divided into ash, eucalyptus, Phoebe, teak and so on.

3, floor tiles: As one of the paving materials, the varieties are divided into whole body tiles, glazed tiles, whole body polished tiles, seepage tiles. The characteristics are solid texture, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, water impermeability, easy cleaning, low water absorption, multiple color patterns, and good decorative effect.

4. Solid wood floor: It is the ground decoration material formed by drying and processing the wood. It has the characteristics of natural patterns, good foot feeling, simple construction, and safe use.

5, composite floor: raw wood as a material, after grinding, filling with adhesive and anti-corrosion materials, processed into a composite flooring.

6, solid wood composite floor: a new type of wood between the solid wood floor and laminate flooring, with solid wood flooring natural texture, texture and elasticity, there are strengthened flooring anti-deformation, easy to clean and so on.

7, carpet: soft and thick texture, elasticity, good sound insulation, heat insulation effect is good.

Editor's summary: Several basic principles and interior decoration materials for interior decoration have been introduced here. I hope to be helpful to everyone. Want to learn more related knowledge can focus on this site information.

Interior decoration Interior decoration

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