Simple wardrobe installation steps Detailed installation method of simple wardrobe

Nowadays, online shopping is already a very common thing. Even buying furniture can easily be bought online through the Internet. However, many people will worry about how to install the online shopping furniture. Today Xiaobian has shared the steps for simple wardrobe installation, as well as some simple wardrobe installation steps , so that you no longer worry about the installation.

1, equipment installation:

a, some simple cloth wardrobe pipe are marked with the number, so in advance you can put them together with the number of points, so that it will be more convenient to install.

b. Then find out the parts of the chassis and put them together. Attention! Just the bottom part. Some wardrobes have shoe racks, so it's best to install the shoe racks first. Then the following operations are performed: the bottom of the board is seated, and the board is installed; the board is classified, such as: top board, bottom board, side board, neutral board, ply board, etc.; and then the position of the board is classified, such as: top board In the above, the side panels are left and right, the bottom panel is down, and so on. Simple wardrobe installation steps :

2, installation:

a. When installing, the cabinet should face down, and then start the installation from left to right or from right to left.

b. After the board assembly is completed, please make sure that the diagonal error of the cabinet is within plus or minus 1MM.

c. After the diagonal line is measured, mark the position of the ply or upright position of the back plate to be nailed on both sides of the board to facilitate the nailing of the back plate.

d. After the cabinet is put in place, please use a level ruler to measure whether the cabinet is horizontal. If it is not horizontal, adjust it to a horizontal position. The common method is to put some suitable things under the cabinet and protect the cabinet.

e, after the cabinet level, you can install: clothes rails, drawers, door panels or sliding doors.

f. Then, instead of putting the rest of the shelves on, put the cloth first. Open the zipper of the cloth, and the middle sticky place is also pulled open with the bottom facing down. At the bottom of the cloth, there are a number of dug holes. Follow each hole and pull the cloth down and down the vertical pipes. Of course, you can also not pull to the bottom first.

g, put the rest of the tube inside the cloth, and then pull up the cloth, cover the top of the tube and adjust it until the cloth looks plain without wrinkles. Our installation is complete. Simple wardrobe installation steps :

Note: Some of them are plastic interfaces. Sometimes they are a bit tight. Do not use strong force to insert them. If you accidentally crack them, you may find it more troublesome to purchase the accessories. It may not even be necessary. Do not use a screw connection to tighten one on the other, which will cause difficulties for future installations. You can loosely put the shelves first, and then tighten all the screws with a screwdriver after installation. This will give you a solid, simple cloth cabinet.

Xiao Bian concludes: The above is a detailed introduction to the simple wardrobe installation steps and the installation of a simple wardrobe method, I believe that if you follow the Xiao Bian to say that the operation must be OK, is not particularly difficult; and when the time of purchase will generally Supporting installation and use instructions, you can also refer to the instructions on the instructions.


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