Fixed-chip vacuum pump parameters

We describe a generalized numerical measure of the characteristics of a fixed-plate vacuum pump, which is generally what researchers want to know about some characteristic value of a fixed-plate vacuum pump. Often, when we are studying current problems, we are often concerned about the changes of a few variables and their interrelationships. These are the parameters related to the fixed vacuum pump, these parameters are very important for each product, they are business cards for each product. Fixed-chip vacuum pump fixed-chip vacuum pump performance parameters: 1, compression ratio: compression ratio refers to the pump for a given gas outlet pressure and inlet pressure ratio. 2, the maximum working pressure of the fixed-plate vacuum pump: pressure unit of the fixed-plate vacuum pump is Pa, which refers to the inlet pressure corresponding to the maximum pumping capacity, under this pressure, the pump can work continuously without deterioration or damage. 3, the maximum pressure of the fixed-stage vacuum pump: fixed-pressure pump unit mouth pressure unit is Pa, it refers to more than can damage the pump before the pressure. 4, Ho coefficient: Pump pumping area on the actual pumping speed and molecular effusion calculated by the ratio of the theoretical pumping speed. 5, pumping coefficient: the actual pumping speed of the pump at the entrance by the molecular effusion calculated theoretical pumping speed ratio. 6, water vapor allowance: water vapor allowable unit is kg / h, it refers to the pump under normal environmental conditions, gas pump can be removed in the continuous operation of the water vapor mass flow. 7, the pump before the pressure: fixed-chip vacuum pump pressure unit is the former stage Pa, which refers to the exhaust pressure below one atmosphere pressure fixed-chip vacuum pump outlet pressure. 8, the fixed vacuum pump suction rate: pump pumping speed unit is m3 / s or l / s, is the pump equipped with a standard test cover, and the required conditions of work, from the test cover flow of gas flow And the test hood at the specified position measured the equilibrium pressure ratio. Pump pumping speed. 9, the fixed vacuum pump suction volume: fixed vacuum pump pumping unit is Pam3 / s or Pal / s. It refers to the pump inlet gas flow. 10, the maximum allowable steam inlet pressure: The maximum allowable steam inlet pressure unit is Pa. It refers to the maximum inlet pressure of water vapor that can be extracted by the gas-operated pump under continuous operation under normal environmental conditions. With the further development of vacuum pumps, the research and development of stator-type vacuum pumps is even more urgent, which is a very important issue for the further development of the industry for further study of its relevant parameters. Stakeholders also put more emphasis on the study of fixed-vacuum pump parameters, get more from the parameters of the study. Related Articles: Fixed-chip vacuum pump working principle and structure of fixed-chip vacuum pump features

1. Product structure

For special plastic steel-braided composite pipes(fittings), the liner is made of macromolecule polymeric materials such as PE, PE-RT, PEX, PP-R, PB and UHMWPE, the interlayer is formed by winding and braiding high-strength plastic coating steel wire(cord thread) and used as wild phase, and the externally-covered protective layer is made of PE and SBS. Since high-strength steel wire reinforcement is covered within continuous thermoplastic plastics, the composite pipes of this kind overcome the defects of steel belts and plastic pipes, and enjoy both advantages of high strength of steel pipes and corrosion-resistance of plastic pipes. 

2. Performance characteristics

(1). High impact-resistance:the pipes enjoy high strength, rigidity and impact-resistance superior to those of plastic pipes, and low coefficient of linear expansion and low creep resistance similar to those of steel pipes. The liner is made of polymer composites, with impact strength of 20 times that of polyvinyl chloride, 4 times that of polyethylene. Especially under low-temperature environment, the impact strength of the liner can reach to the maximum value inversely. The flexibility provides extremely safe and reliable guarantee for delivery system. Due to the high absorption value of impact energy, this kind of pipes(fittings) are especially suitable to delivery the materials with forms of flakiness and particle, reducing crushing and delivery noise. 

(2). High abrasion resistance: the abrasion resistance of pipes made of polymer material PE is more than 40 times higher than that of steel pipes and stainless steel pipes, and more than 10 times higher that that of PVC pipes and polythene pipes. They will perfect well in deliverying small-particle slurry such as coal powder, coal water mixture and tailings as well as materials such as grain and raw salt, with services life being greatly prolonged. Furthermore, the delivery efficiency is about 20% higher than that of steel pipes. 

(3). Temperature resistance range: -45°C~95°C

1. ISO 9001/ API Q1 / ISO14001 / OHSAS 18001 Certificate
2. Large stocks Timely delivery
3. Professional
4. Good after-sale service

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Gas Pipe Series

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Offshore Pipe Series

Reinforced Flexible Composite Hose

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