Living room ceiling design home improvement living room design renderings

The design of the living room is combined with the size of the entire space and the specific style of decoration, and the colors, furniture, ceilings and other details. Create a living space that best suits the occupant's character, making life appear warmer and more relaxed, while at the same time stimulating a living atmosphere.

Home improvement living room ceiling design renderings (a)

Modern style living room design, warm colors make the whole room brighter. With the same color of the living room furniture, soft fabrics make the seat feel more comfortable, cushion massage design more humane, but also more intimate. The design of the stainless steel vertices, made a simple single ceiling shape, so that the living room of this small bedroom more layered.


Home improvement living room ceiling design renderings (two)

The design of the living room in the duplex building presents an atmosphere from the overall layout. Exquisite decoration with quality living room furniture and various soft styles reflect a warm and comfortable life. Well format living room ceiling shape, fine lines, tough and powerful.


Home decoration living room ceiling design renderings (c)

Hollow-type living room ceiling design, rich patterns, complex design into a bright spot of the entire room. With the design of the edge of the embedded light source, the yellow light effects create a warm and romantic living atmosphere. The white ceiling color contrasts with the black wooden floor, and the strong colors make the picture clearer.

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