Mobile Internet urges development of aluminum industry

[China Aluminum Network] Shandong In recent years, with the rapid progress of large-scale infrastructure investment and industrialization in China, the aluminum industry in China has developed rapidly. In order to obtain greater investment income, domestic enterprises have continuously increased production scale and improved products. Quality, and promote the rapid growth of production and consumption of the entire industry, China has also become the world's largest aluminum production base and consumer market. Due to the sustained, rapid and healthy development of the national economy, the demand for aluminum profiles will also increase, and the level of equipment and technology will become more and more advanced. The fact that aluminum profiles have a vast market for development is beyond doubt. However, how to grasp this golden timing has become a problem that many aluminum profile suppliers need to think about.

An effective sales channel is a good vision for most small and medium-sized steel and steel companies. However, under the current background, the pattern formed by the traditional Internet does not bring big development and expansion to the sales channels of small and medium-sized enterprises, especially true and false. The mixed franchise and shopping websites make many SMEs at a loss to know what to do. Even if the establishment of a station or a channel for traditional e-commerce has been carried out, it is burdened with high costs and cannot achieve the desired purpose. Therefore, the development of mobile e-commerce, with its low cost and targeted audience, has been adapted to the sales needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. Once the launch of aluminum profile award-winning supplier APP, it immediately attracted stalls.

Lu Jianping, a domestic aluminum profile industry expert, has been thinking for many years whether there is a way to allow customers to inquire the products of the steel and aluminum profile industry anytime and anywhere. The launch of the mobile phone industry portal has allowed Lu Jianping to see a glimmer of light before dawn. Lu Jianping said: “The launch of mobile e-commerce in steel and aluminum profiles is a long-term plan. We believe that as more users use mobile phones to access the Internet, more consumers will appreciate the convenience brought by mobile e-commerce and will change the steel and aluminum profiles. New directions for industry promotion."

Lu Jianping pointed out that compared with the traditional marketing era, mobile marketing has the characteristics of being fast, simple, convenient and interactive. China Aluminum Portal APP is convenient and informative, and it is well received by users. "As long as we publish a message, there will be a lot of calls coming in. This is a situation that has never happened before." "After downloading the client, sales have increased a lot and you can see industry news at any time. Time will be able to seize business opportunities." From the evaluation of the merchants, it can be seen that the aluminum profile award-winning supplier APP has led China's aluminum profiles to a new direction and has brought unlimited business opportunities to many companies.

Lu Jianping said that how to effectively develop the market and increase sales in the fierce competition is not only to solve problems such as product architecture and after-sales service, but also to use new marketing methods such as mobile marketing to efficiently integrate marketing resources and establish The more powerful link between companies and enterprises, the only way to improve efficiency in the highly competitive era of mobile Internet, so that brands continue to maintain their advantages in market competition.

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