IKEA bed frame squeaks out of production without spare parts warranty

Last December, I purchased a 6-foot bed made in Italy at Shanghai Ikea (view map) home (view map). The size of this bed is not the standard size of the standard 6-foot bed 2 × 1.8 meters, but 1.9 × 1.8 meters, including the Holborn bed frame, Scova bed and the Lad bed board, spent a total of 1899 yuan . A few days later, the IKEA staff sent the bed to my home and installed it, and I paid for the transportation and installation.
When I first started using it, my family and I were satisfied with this new bed. However, since June of this year, we have found that this bed will make an abnormal sound when it is used. As soon as the person sits up or lie in bed and turns over, the bed will immediately make a "squeaky" sound. Especially on a quiet night, when we sleep in bed, it is inevitable that we will turn over, and the bed will naturally squeak, which will have a certain negative impact on my family and my family’s sleep. Moreover, there is a baby born in the family, often at night. This unusual sound woke up.
My family and I have been plagued by the "cracking" sound of this bed for some time. In desperation, I called the customer service phone of IKEA Furniture in July this year, reflecting this situation. Subsequently, the IKEA staff members went to the door to identify the bed on July 23. After checking the bed, the staff first put a cardboard under the bed, explaining that it may be because the bed and the floor have friction to make a sound, but after the cardboard is finished, the shaker will still make a sound, and finally the staff thinks There is a certain quality problem with this bed. So, they filled out the identification form on the spot and gave me a single number, telling me that this identification number can be used for return processing.
The staff of IKEA also told me that the manufacturer has stopped producing this bed, and the size of the new series of the same series has also changed. The current standard is unified as a 6-foot bed of 2×1.8 meters. Any method for repairing the parts of my bed. In response, I asked the staff to go back to the warehouse to see if there were spare parts left. However, after returning to the company, the staff member told me that there were no spare parts and proposed two solutions: one is to return the bed to be processed, and the other is to treat the bed frame at the original price for 30% off, and return some of the price, but for the bed. The middle and the bed section are not discounted.
After that, I considered the two treatment options. I have considered that the bed has been discontinued now. If the new size is purchased after the return, the size of the mattress cannot match the size of my Simmons. I can't accept this solution. If I follow the second solution, the whole bed can only be used. The bed frame part was sold at a discount of 30%, and the rest was in accordance with the original price, and the warranty service was no longer provided. This solution also failed to satisfy me. I hope that IKEA will handle the furniture at a lower discount. After all, the processed goods in the IKEA store are generally priced at 30% to 40% of the original price, so it is difficult for me to accept the discount of 30%.
In fact, what makes me most angry is that IKEA is an international global company. It can't guarantee that the products will be replaced during the warranty period. How can consumers enjoy the so-called “perfect home life” of “IKEA”? Reporter connection>>>
After receiving the complaint from Mr. Shi, the reporter immediately dialed the IKEA 4008002345 customer service hotline. A forest manager told reporters that after communicating with the mall, IKEA has agreed to treat the bed frame, the bed and the bed board as a whole.
At the same time, Mr. Lin also said that although the 1.9×1.8m bed purchased by Mr. Shi has been discontinued, the same size bedding can still be purchased on the market.
Mr. Shi said that he would actively ask the market to communicate with the mall and strive to give consumers a satisfactory answer as soon as possible.

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