Overall Cabinet Maintenance Tips Overall Cabinet Care Precautions

The kitchen is used as a place where daily use frequency is high. The use of the whole cabinet is more frequent. Every day, three meals a day are inseparable from the cabinets. How can we do a good job in the maintenance and cleaning of the whole kitchen cabinet with such high frequency of use? ? Here's a look at the overall kitchen cabinet maintenance tips and overall cabinet maintenance notes.

First, the overall cabinet maintenance method

Regardless of the type of material used in the cabinet, each time after cooking, the surface of the cooker hood, gas stoves, wall tiles and countertops should be wiped clean, and the used utensils and condiments should be cleaned and replaced. Department.

When cleaning the surface of the kitchen cabinet, avoid leaving water on the surface for a long time. Regardless of any material, long-term watering will reduce its service life. Remove soot stains and remove them in time with a damp cloth. Aging dirt requires special treatment with detergents.

Metal materials and natural stone are easy to clean and durable. Usually, they can be cleaned with a dry soft cloth, but it must be noted that the soft cloth must be clean and wiped along the direction to avoid scratches. Appropriate use of professional products such as cleaners and activators can ensure long-lasting luster and even texture.

Glazed ceramics can be cleaned with a neutral abrasive cleaner. Strong abrasive cleaners can scratch the surface or make the surface dull. After each use, dry the product with a soft cloth.

Painted door panels and mirrored resin door panels should be wiped with a fine-grained clean cloth neutral liquid; avoid scratches caused by contact with pointed objects. Slight scratches can also be treated with brighteners. In particular, the paint door panel, fire source and heat source is also one of the main factors to damage it, so to avoid high temperature baking or burning.

Pull the basket accessories in the cabinet. Wipe it with a dry cloth to avoid water marks on the surface. The maintenance of the cabinet is easy to ignore. In fact, the cabinet that is well maintained is the least likely to be damaged.

Second, the overall cabinet maintenance precautions:

1, solid wood or wood veneer door maintenance, avoid close to heat, power, water, avoid direct sunlight. In general, the best cleaning is to wipe with a moist leather cloth. If it is necessary to use a cleaning agent, select a mild cleaning product, then wipe it with clean water and dry it. To avoid dry cracking, choose a maintenance cleaning wax to clean it during maintenance. However, products containing nitrate or artificial synthetic resin should also be avoided. Otherwise, the kitchen utensils will be damaged.

2, the surface of the door to prevent sharp scratches, to prevent moisture, not for a long time there is a drop in the door, to prevent soaking the door; wipe available detergent and soap solution, should not use thinner and alcohol. Some gluey things stuck to the door can be wiped clean with a cleaning wax; if necessary, use a small amount of alcohol (the door with paint can not use alcohol) wipe the door with cotton cloth or towel, can not use steel ball; absolutely prohibited Concentrated acid, alkali and other corrosive agents contact the door panel and, if there is contact, should be immediately cleaned with a neutral detergent or soap solution.

3, cabinet shelf attention to laminate clip (or shelf pin) position is correct. Try to choose to place heavy objects in the lower cabinet. The upper cabinet is suitable for placing light items, such as seasoning jars and glasses, etc. Clean the utensils and wipe them dry before putting them in.

Summary: The overall cabinet maintenance skills and overall cabinet maintenance considerations are introduced to this, oh, if you have more confusion about the overall cabinet maintenance, you can leave a small message to the bottom of the oh.

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