Who is fighting for the "true ladies" in the furniture industry?

Who is fighting for the “real celebrity” of the furniture industry – the story behind Yalan’s “Whampoa Military Academy” Yalan is warmer than the overall downturn of the furniture industry in 2012, but the entire furniture industry is still recovering in 2014. Looking for a way out. Channels are blocked, costs are rising, consumption is sluggish, listings are frustrated, stores are shrinking, sales are weak, dealers are stifling, and the battles are getting more and more popular. The Chinese furniture market in 2014 is still cold! In this war of invisible smoke, some people are flesh and blood, some people are leaving the scene, some people are struggling... But some people are elegant and calm, and they are full of grace and horror. She is - Yalan! First, stunning out of the lane, the world smells Xianglan debut in Shenzhen International Furniture Fair in March 2013, Yalan Group with its 7 major brands stunning appearance at the 28th Shenzhen International Furniture Fair, the first high-profile exhibits after 7 years of crouching, Declare Arran to go out! I heard that Yalan’s grand occasion was on display, and various media outlets came to the fore. CCTV CCTV, Today’s furniture, Shenzhen Furniture and other authoritative media gathered in the visit; Shenzhen Vice Mayor, Standing Committee Secretary, CPPCC Chairman, Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee, Disciplinary Committee Office Director, Shenzhen Home Leaders such as the Executive Executive and other leaders also expressed their concern. In the three days of the exhibition, more than 100 well-known dealers were signed, and the target completion rate was 100%. It is reported that on March 19th, 2014, the 29th Shenzhen International Furniture Fair, Yalan mattress will be debuted again with the theme of “Scenting the Celebrity”. (The 29th Shenzhen International Furniture Fair Yalan exhibiting publicity screen) cost 200 million to build myside China February 2013, Hong Kong Yalan cost 200 million, marry the United States 8th largest mattress brand KINGSDOWN company to create "Myside China", Nuggets China's high-end custom sleep. It is reported that KINGSDOWN has a history of more than 100 years, the US brand in the birthplace is really positioned high-end, and the price even exceeds Simmons Simmons and Sealy. Wu Lan, general manager of Yalan mattress, disclosed that Myside will provoke a “private customized” market taste bud in China, which truly fills the gap in China's high-end customized mattress market. CCTV enters Yalan, and the attitude of a good mattress is a conscience industry, which is related to people's health. In April 2013, the sudden CCTV exposure of the “Black Heart Mattress” incident caused the industry to fall into an unprecedented crisis of trust. As the leading brand in the industry, Yalan opened its doors to the media and accepted public inspections with open arms. On May 4, 2013, CCTV-2 "China Software Home Furnishing Status Market Survey" entered the Yalan with the expectations of consumers and witnessed the whole process of Yalan mattress manufacturing. On May 19th, the CCTV-2 financial channel "First Time" column used the Yalan mattress as the industry benchmark to conduct a positive video report, comprehensively analyzing the standard of a good mattress, so that consumers can rest assured. At the critical juncture, Yalan has turned the tide to reshape the image of the industry.
From the deep debut to the dealers hot contract; from the media gathered to the government industry leaders personal care; from the United States' 8th largest mattress manufacturer "brand marriage" to the domestic CCTV CCTV Muxiang report; from the Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition 28th "Out of the Lane" the 29th "Scent"... Yalan is using 48 years of thick accumulation, let China and the world begin to smell her mellow aroma, and show the industry a new era of sleep industry development is coming soon! Second, far-sighted, big-handed writing big pattern "Lanxin enamel, family inheritance" This ancestral ancestor let several CEOs of Yalan, when adjusting the group's multi-brand operation strategy, there is no suspense tendency to have a true aristocratic international The big wrist of the mattress. The blood of the strong contains the genes of the strong, and the wrists of the big wrists hold the brush of the times, and the ink splashes the ink to achieve the big pattern of the industry. The forward-looking strategic vision has enabled Yalan to transform every industry's winter into a development opportunity for the company; Daede's management strategy has made Yalan a shocking and imitative shining trace for every encounter. Customized brand public relations activities, teamed up with NetEase to create "China Dream" in 2013, "Chinese Dream" became the annual hot word, from the national leadership to the civilian population. In July of the same year, Yalan Mattress and NetEase created a large-scale series of charity activities for everyone's Chinese dream. Together with elites from all walks of life, Mao Yuzhen, Yi Nengjing, Sun Dawu, Deng Fei, etc., made a sound for their dreams and held a heroic ceremony at the Beijing Water Cube. A heroic tribute to the hero. At that time, the Yalan mattress was parallel to the dream, and the soul of the enterprise that focused on the "beauty dream" for 48 years listened to the dream of each country.

In May and October 2013, the second season of Yalan mattresses, “Year of forensic quality, looking for old mattress activities” and the third season “Industry’s first open industrial journey” continued, tens of thousands of real old users In person, once again reflect the quality reputation and market influence of Yalan. Every time you sell a mattress, you will earn a quality word of mouth. Yalan is responsible for the quality life of each mattress with real old user cases; with the open industry open action, it continues to create a user experience that is difficult for the peers. (Alan's third season industrial open tour, the first batch of consumer photos) lore Tmall double eleven, promote OTO new business model In November 2013, an Yalan mattress suddenly became the new favorite of online shopping, and on the day of the double eleven Become a category sales champion. The small netizens caused great changes, and the online word-of-mouth heat transfer quickly detonated the offline Yalan sales. In the Tmall double eleven lore, Yalan made a qualitative change in the online sales environment of Chinese mattresses, allowing more customers to recognize that online shopping can also sleep a healthy sense, and promote OTO new business model (online order offline purchase) )Rapid development. Its seven major brands, the 2013 full-line bloom in 2013, Yalan's seven brands bloomed across the board, as the leader each occupy a different market segment. Myside, Serta, THERAPEDIC, Lady Americana, Medicoil and other multi-brand layouts have opened up a richer American sleep experience for Chinese consumers; Yalan bedding has also launched a new brand and talent upgrading strategy to achieve a double sales volume in the bedding market. Leading the trend of the times, the accumulation of thin hair, high platform diving, full bloom... Hong Kong Yalan, is the heroic attitude of the king, the grandeur of the big wrist writing, towards the grand vision of creating the world's largest sleep kingdom, Kaige marched! Third, the sword out of the sheath, uncovering the mysterious veil of the king's celebrity after the out of the Arran, like a sword of the sheath, it is dazzling. The legendary beginning of the industry, has given Yalan many honors aura; 48 years of development and accumulation, adding her endless charm. To smell her deepest and moving mellow, only through the layer of aura, trace the roots, can uncover the mystery of this king's socialite. It is famous for its name. Yalan is the first mattress manufacturer in China. The world’s first mattress is called Simmons. The first mattress in China is called Yalan. Yalan is China's first mattress enterprise and is known as the “Whampoa Military Academy” in China's mattress industry. The industry, including many competing leaders, knows that Yalan has been a Chinese bed since its establishment in Hong Kong in 1966. The cradle of the pad manufacturing domain is leading the industry with leading technical equipment, and exports a large number of elite talents. In the past 48 years, 99% of China's furniture companies are an unparalleled historical glory, and they are also destined to be the noble story of the Yalan nobles and the brand stories that their peers cannot replicate. Noble wisdom: 48 years of focus on the beauty of quality However, such as the low-key and introverted style of socialite, in Yalan, "first" is not self-proclaimed, but awe of the industry quality standards. Although Yalan has many glory, she has been diligently researching products and focusing on quality. She is concentrating on whether the response rate of each spring reaches the Yalan standard, and concentrates on the value of the recovery rate of the only Swiss-inspired spring equipment imported from Asia with a value of nearly 6 million and the value of 200,000 domestic equipment. From each mattress, it can bring consumers at least 25 years of quality sleep... In addition to making the manufacturing technology and product quality of the entire mattress industry flourish, Yalan does not seem to leave too much market and competitors. Strong intentions and awareness. Strength proves: The first 48 years of sales of Asian high-end mattress brands, Yalan's strength is growing. Today, Yalan has branches in 20 countries and regions; more than 400 franchised stores cover China's first- and second-tier cities; Hilton, Waldorf Astoria, Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, Kempinski and other more than 2,000 five-star hotels use ya Lanzhou made mattresses; Donnie Yen, Yi Nengjing, Chen Sicheng, Huang Baiming and sons, Huayi Brothers and other 20 million star users choose Yalan mattresses; for many years, the number of Asian high-end mattress brands is the first to sell... Business strategy: external promotion Brand close to the terminal

Yalan never disdains in the whirlpool of the chewing head that lingers in the outside of Jinyu. Her communication always takes up the high-end: she has reached a strategic cooperation alliance with the first-class home stores such as Red Star, the store A+ position is optional, and the excellent channel helps the dealer to win the terminal. In addition, following the launch of large-scale custom public relations activities, Netease has covered the entire network of video promotion, Baidu bidding, airport, outdoor, newspaper, magazine and other publicity channels, and seamlessly cooperated with online and offline to help the brand profit. She is diligent in diplomacy and is good at internal affairs: In 2013, she completed the R&D and upgrade of luxury series new products and put into production and promotion; completed the 11th generation of British image store new layout; completed sales team customized talent training 33 games, completed the Yalan College courseware 3323 batch Support the dealer terminal blasting activities, achieve sales growth of 30% annual growth......

Legendary background, rich quality connotation, strong strength scale, good communication will operate; Yalan wins the prestige of the industry with strength, wins dealers with win-win, earns consumers' reputation with quality, aggregates, Yalan The title of "celebrity" is deserved! Fourth, the real ladies, not worthy of their own voice for 48 years, is also the 48 years of the rise and fall of the Chinese mattress industry. During this period, there were too many market moves that made it difficult to comment on “success or failure” and “intelligence and jealousy”. Yalan left to competitors, in addition to talent technology and equipment capital, in addition to the market opportunities that rise with the explosive growth of the real estate market, more may be the "Yalan mattress" that the peers have been unable to understand but have always admired for 48 years. Can use more than 30 years of "civil quality reputation; and no matter how depressed the market, Yalan has a unique scenery here. In this regard, Yalan Wu explained to the general manager: "In the fierce market competition, brand panning must exist. Any brand that insists on integrity and quality can survive in the big waves. The reason why Yalan is 48 years old The reason is that she insists on adhering to the most fundamental business value - integrity and quality! "Insist on the most fundamental business value, the silent announcement made with integrity and quality, more exciting than any advertising hype! This may be Yalan, the 48-year-old Hong Kong brand that is the latest in China and the most lurking, bringing inspiration and thinking to peers and society. Really famous ladies, never swear, throwing the floor.

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