HKUST Innovates Solar Cell Conversion Rate by 10%

External chargers are essential for smart phone users. The University of Science and Technology is developing polymer solar battery technology and is expected to be widely used in smart phones in the long-term, and it will directly generate electricity for mobile phones to reduce the pollution caused by discarded chargers on the earth. The solar cell converts light energy into electricity with an efficiency of 10.8%, which exceeds the efficiency of other similar solar energy, thereby reducing the area of ​​the panel that collects light sources for carrying out. The panels can be mass-produced through printing technology, which costs 90% less than traditional batteries.

Yan He, an assistant professor of chemistry at the University of Science and Technology, led a research team of seven students who developed a new polymer solar cell in about a year. The battery was made of a blend of polymer materials and fullerene receptors. The team tested a combination of similar structural materials and found that five combinations are suitable for solar power generation, with a photoelectric conversion efficiency of up to 10.8%. Other solar energy conversion efficiency is only a few times higher than the conversion efficiency of only two to four percent.

The solar panels on the market are generally installed on the roofs. They are large in size, cumbersome and brittle, and costly. The production steps are complicated. The new panel developed by the team greatly improves the efficiency of converting sunlight into electricity. With a lightweight panel, it can absorb the required amount of light. Therefore, the panel can be carried around and placed in a handbag to collect light energy on the street. One side charges the phone with a wired connection.

The solar cell is also easy to produce. Yan He explained that the principle of production is similar to that of a printed newspaper. The process of printing polymer materials on a battery board is simple and rapid, and the production cost is one-tenth that of conventional batteries. Yan He said that the newly developed battery panel is thin and light, and can be attached to the device used after it is made. For example, it can be used as a window glass to control the color of the window, such as gold and red, and is both beautiful and practical.

Solar power is not widely used in Hong Kong. However, the development of renewable energy is a new trend in the development of the world's electricity. Pushing solar power generation can be used to reduce the production of solid battery waste, but it can also be used in places where electricity supply is unstable. Yan He said that when camping on the outskirts of wilderness and wilderness, there was no power supply. The solar panel could be installed on the tent, using sunlight to provide electricity to flashlights and other equipment. He also said that in backward countries such as Africa, the power supply network has not been well planned and solar power generation has become one of the important power generation sources.

The new battery is suitable for use in small devices with low power consumption, such as remote control. To use this as a home electricity generator, it has yet to be invented. Yan He said that the new technology is still in the stage of R&D. In the long run, He improved the panels further and doubled the photoelectric conversion efficiency by 20%, which is close to traditional battery technology. However, he believes that this still needs to be five to ten. Deeply delving into technology years later, "This is our ultimate goal."

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