How to prevent aluminum alloy doors and windows rusty waterproof moisture protection is basic

[China Aluminum Network] aluminum alloy doors and windows have excellent overall performance. Its wind pressure resistance, watertightness and airtightness are good, and it has good decorativeness and durability. When heat-insulating aluminium profiles and insulating glass are used, their sound insulation performance and heat preservation performance are also very good. And at the same time, Aluminum alloy profiles are fire-proof, corrosion-resistant and non-polluting; aluminum alloy materials also have the advantages of abundant reserves, suitable for processing and recycling, and recycling, which itself is an environmentally friendly, energy-saving building material. Therefore, aluminum alloy doors and windows have become a preferred product requiring good overall performance and decorative performance.

In the process of installing aluminum alloy doors and windows, none of the protection tapes for aluminum alloy profiles have been protected. During construction, the corners of the profile are scratched and scratched due to handling. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent this kind of abnormal corrosion. It is very important to protect the aluminum alloy door and window profiles during the construction of windows and doors. All operations in the production process must take care to prevent the profile. Surface coating defects and bumps must be wrapped around the outer frame before installation. Before installing the wall, personnel should be prohibited from stepping on the wall. When scaffolding is required, the door and window frame should be protected with wood and other materials.

Abnormal corrosion of the doors and windows are corroded locations are long-term seepage, wet parts, so aluminum doors and windows construction process need to be waterproof, moisture measures, generally for the aluminum alloy doors and windows frame and wall openings should be used soundproofing moisture, no Corrosive materials, such as polyurethane foam fillers, are used to prevent treatment; if cement mortar is used to fill in the space, waterproof mortar should be used, and sea sand is strictly prohibited as a waterproof mortar.

For abnormal corrosion, we recommend not to use sea sand as much as possible for wall building mortar. If it is really necessary to use the area, it is recommended to use “water for construction” GBT14684-2001 to clean the water and lower the chloride ion to less than 0.06%. At the same time, in the construction process, the aluminum alloy door and window profile and the wall hole are in good contact and anti-corrosion treatment. Generally, anti-sliding and waterproof measures can provide anti-corrosion effect. Applying asphalt is a more feasible method.

When the aluminum alloy door and window construction is delivered, the profile needs to be cleaned, the protective film paper is torn off, and the cement and lime mortar adhered to the surface of the profile during the construction of the wall are removed. Cleaning the dirt is usually done with a neutral detergent, or a fiber brush can be used to remove the attached dust. Sandpaper or steel wire brushes must not be used for sanding.

3240 Epoxy Sheet/Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminate Sheet (NEMA G10/FR4)

Epoxy glass cloth laminated sheets(industry laminate sheet,Epoxy sheet) are made of alkali-free E-glass cloth impregnated with epoxy resins and phenolic resins by processing under heat and pressure. Epoxy glass cloth sheet can be processed into all kinds of insulation parts, The products are widely used transformers, electric motors, cabinets, control boxes, electric switches, household appliances, railway, automobile, computer and medical appliance,etc.

Applications :

• Used in mechanical, electrical and electronic high insulation structure parts

• Used in high-performance electrical insulation requirements

• Chemical machine parts

• General machines parts and gear, generators, pads, base, baffle

• Generator, transformer, fixture, inverter, motor

• Electric insulation component


Key Features :

• Flame resistance

• High dielectric strength

• Moisture resistance

• Heat resistant

• Temperature resistance: 150-180℃

• Good flatness, smooth surface, no pits


3240 Epoxy Glass Sheet

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