Door installation skills

The installation of the door is an indispensable part of the home decoration. I believe that no one will ignore the position of the door in the whole family. Choosing a quality door can not only play a key role in the home decoration, but also the safety of the whole family. It is also an important barrier.

First, the door furniture color matching skills

1. The interior door should be consistent with the style of the living room.

At present, the actual use functions of the door can be roughly divided into: main door, bedroom door, study door, living room door, kitchen door, bathroom door, balcony door, and the like. Generally speaking, solid wood doors should be used for the main door, bathroom door and bedroom door. The entrance door is also the facade. From the perspective of aesthetics and practicality, most people will choose a strong and heavy interior door with decorative effect; while the warm and heavy interior door can also be used as a bedroom door to bring the owner a quiet and safe feeling. The bathroom door can be made of glass door. If the area allows, you can also use the interior door or the interior door with glass grate.

2, the color of the wooden door is close to the furniture color

Good color matching is the key to room decoration, so after we have determined the style, we should consider whether the color of the interior door matches the style of the room. When the main color of the living room is light color, indoor doors such as white oak and birch should be selected. When the main color of the living room is dark, choose teak, sapele, walnut. A warm interior door. The color of the interior door is closely related to the color of the wall, the floor and the soft decoration of the furniture.

3, the interior door color contrasts with the wall color

In the "color relationship" between the interior door and the wall and the ground, the interior door is similar to the color of the furniture, and the color of the wall needs to have some corresponding contrast. Many families like the simple feeling of white interior doors, so try to brush the walls into a light yellow, light blue, will definitely give you a new space.

Second, the door maintenance tips

1. When removing the stain on the surface of the wooden door, wipe it with a soft cotton cloth. It is easy to scratch the surface with a hard cloth. When the stain is too heavy, use a neutral detergent, toothpaste or furniture-specific cleaning agent to remove the stain and then dry it.

2, hinges, locks frequently moving parts, when loose, should be tightened immediately, the sound of the hinge position should be timely oil injection, when the lock is not flexible, you can add the appropriate amount of pencil core foam to the keyhole, do not just fill the oil.

3. Note that cloth that has been immersed in neutral reagents or has moisture should not be placed on the surface of the wooden door for a long time, otherwise it will immerse the surface and discolor or peel the surface finish material.

4, pay attention to the corners of the wooden door, do not rub too much, otherwise it will cause the angular paint to fall off.

5. When the wooden door edge is partially peeled off, it can be ironed by a dry cloth with an iron pad.

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