The most feng shui plant with the twelve constellations

What is the most suitable feng shui plant with the twelve constellations? Do you know? If you don't know, follow the GO Jiaju Changzhou Home Network Xiaobian.


Aries: March 21st - April 20th

Dieffenbachia: Natural insecticide

Dianthus Wannian not only has few pests and diseases, but also smashes its leaves and mixes with water, which can be used as a natural fungicide.

The leaves of Evergreen are bright and bright, and their vitality is strong, just like the lively personality of Aries.

Flower language: warm and cheerful

Divination of flowers: Dieffenbachia can give the owner the determination and action to change things.

Rich tree

Taurus: April 21st - May 21st

Fortune tree: a good hand to absorb hydrogen fluoride

The rich tree has the ability to absorb hydrogen fluoride and carbon monoxide, which can be used to clearly show the pollution and turbid air.

Taurus is the second house in the zodiac, the owner of wealth, the rich tree shows a steady, solid side.

Flower language: thriving

Divination of flowers: It can increase the money, and emotionally, it can promote the natural development of you and the other side.

Powder palm

Gemini: May 22 - June 21

Powder palm: efficient air purifier

Newly renovated houses or newly bought furniture, more or less will contain formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases, powder palm can absorb formaldehyde, chlorine, benzene compounds, indoors is best placed in the palm anthurium and other Araceae plants.

The glamorous flaming pink palm has a beautiful and remarkable heart-shaped cymbal, such as the dazzling crane standing above the heart leaf, arrogant, like the versatile Gemini.

Flower language: heart and soul, great development

Divination of flowers: the power to enhance wealth and love fortune.

Gold diamond

Cancer: June 22nd - July 22nd

Gold Diamond: Vacuum Cleaner

It is resistant to dust and dust, can absorb dust, and can increase air humidity and oxygen anion content, reduce solar reflection, reduce air temperature, and increase environmental comfort.

Gives a warm, simple, stable feeling, gentle and subtle, and more golden diamonds are the lucky plants of Cancer.

Flower language: Duo Duofu

Divination of flowers: The golden diamond symbolizes generosity and romance. It can increase your affinity for Cancer and bring good luck.

Pocket coconut

Leo: July 23 - August 23

Pocket Coconut: Excellent Air Purifier

This palm plant is easy to care for, and can improve indoor air quality, purify benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde in the air, so it is ideally placed in newly laid floors and newly renovated homes.

Full of inexhaustible passion and influence.

Flower language: Yongbao Youth

Divination of flowers: Anyone who is blessed by this kind of plant has strong activity and full of energy. Whether he is in love or work, he will sprint all the way. I believe that your future must be unlimited!

Reticulated grass

Virgo: August 24th - September 23rd

Reticulated grass: environmentally friendly mini flower

The plant is compact, with a strange leaf shape, and it is resistant to yin and easy to take care of the reticulated grass. It has the vitality like a living dragon in the room.

The netted grass is delicate and delicate, delicate and refined, and the texture of the leaves is clear. Just like the Virgo is quiet and rational, the pursuit of perfection in the established rules.

Flower language: rational wisdom

Divination of flowers: the power to promote flexibility and work carefully

Brazilian wood

Libra: September 24th - October 23rd

Brazilian wood: efficient air purifier

Can absorb a variety of harmful substances in the air, especially from the copier, laser printer and trichloroethylene present in detergents and adhesives

The people who are in the sky are very demanding on beauty and taste. They like to make the environment elegant and warm, but also pay attention to efficiency.

Flower language: the foundation is evergreen, and the festival is rising

Divination of flowers: support for promotion, salary adjustment, passing exams, success in society

Spider sea otter

Scorpio: October 24th - November 22nd

Spider sea otter

Scorpio has a strong personality, a keen insight, and goes all out to do things. It looks cold and mysterious, and it is hot inside.

Flower language: tenderness like water.

Divination of flowers: exudes sexy glamour and enhances attraction to the opposite sex

Jin Hu

Sagittarius: November 23 - December 21

Jin Hu: Air Purifier

It can absorb computer radiation, formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride and other harmful gases to keep the air fresh.

Jin Hu is conspicuous and beautiful. It is the most dazzling star in the plant kingdom. Just as Sagittarius loves freedom and unconstrained temperament.

Flower language: self-confidence, bold

Divination of flowers: Jin Hu can bring a gorgeous image, making you a symbol of the right and left.


Capricorn: December 22 - January 20

Eucalyptus: efficient air purifier

Extremely resistant to a variety of harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide, chlorine, and hydrogen fluoride

Capricorn, full of endurance and responsibility, likes nature and values ​​real life, so it is suitable to match the green and long-lived plants.

Flower language: longevity and prosperity, glory and prosperity

Divination of Flowers:: Fortunately, the joy of success

White palm

Aquarius: January 21st - February 19th

White Palm: Expert in filtering harmful gases

White palm is an "expert" that suppresses exhaled gases such as ammonia and acetone. It also filters benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde in the air. Its high evaporation rate prevents the nasal mucosa from drying. Maintaining air humidity

The white palm is fresh and refined, and the Aquarius is full of wisdom and fraternity, and the characteristics of freedom are coincident.

Flower language: smooth sailing

Divination of Flowers: White Palm symbolizes freedom and unrestrainedness, and is the guardian flower of Aquarius. It has the function of relieving physical and mental restraint.


Pisces: February 20 - March 20

Chlorophytum: Green Purifier

The spider plant has a strong function of absorbing toxic gases, and can absorb harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, formaldehyde, nicotine, etc. In general, the room can raise 1-2 pots of spider orchids, and the harmful gases in the air can be absorbed, and the efficiency is better than the air filter. high

Pisces is the last house of the zodiac. The people of Pisces are gentle and romantic. Just like the spider orchids, they are invisible and exude in the light and refined charm.

Flower language: Chu Chu moving

Divination of flowers: can give the holder a rich and keen artistic sensibility

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