Learn to buy a good floor to choose the right step

First, strengthen the floor knowledge to make a better choice

1, solid wood flooring

Solid wood flooring is a natural monolithic wood board, so it has a natural texture, a good foot feel, and adjust the indoor temperature and humidity properties such as wood naturally has, giving an elegant, warm natural feeling.

2, solid wood composite floor

Solid wood composite flooring consists of a monolithic wood board cut into thin veneers, reorganized in a criss-cross pattern, and affixed with veneer. The purpose of doing so is to change the defect that the monomer solid wood is apt to be easily deformed, which not only retains the natural properties of the appearance but also reduces the destabilizing factors in performance. In short, it is both beautiful and easy to use.

3, strengthen the floor


Laminate flooring is made of high-density fiberboard with decorative paper and high-temperature, high-pressure paper. Its color pattern surpasses the natural limit, at the same time it is characterized by wear resistance, stain resistance, easy care, and affordable price.

Second, learn to buy steps to choose to the heart is good

1, style is good


It must be first and foremost to see what you like, otherwise it would be no good to tell you how green and wearable this floor is and to meet your visual aesthetic requirements. Choose the right size for your bedroom area.

2, strict quality control

The key factors that determine the quality of flooring generally have the following three: appearance quality, processing accuracy, and physical and chemical properties. These projects will provide inspection certificates as brand flooring, and with their own careful observation, it will be easier to ensure the quality of flooring.

3, environmental protection must be certified


Environmental protection is a problem that most of us will mention when purchasing decoration materials. As a consumer, we should ask the store to issue an environmental certification, which is what we often hear as the “Ten-ring certification”.

4, comprehensive price considerations

In addition to the false propaganda and intentional exaggeration of some unscrupulous merchants, floor prices are linked to value. When purchasing, we should first consider the budget and the actual gap to be spent. The floor is one of the main parts of the renovation. In general, one-fifth of the total renovation budget is reasonable.

5, take care of different materials

Each type of floor has its own characteristics. Because the surface of the solid wood is painted by paint, it must be careful when used, rather than laminate flooring. In addition, wood, a natural material, needs to be maintained with essential oils and the like, making it longer and more beautiful.

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