New pattern on the roof of the art glass ceiling

When decorating houses, more and more owners are willing to spend more on the decoration style and decoration materials. How can we make the decoration style more unique, how can we make the space appear bigger, what kind of materials will be used for the grade, this series of problems are the owners need to consider. The reporter learned that today's decoration not only makes a fuss on the wall, but extends to the decoration of the roof. Various kinds of ceilings can solve different problems and create different styles.

The crystal clear art glass is not cold in metal, and has no traditional decoration. It is translucent, light and lively. In the city of reinforced concrete, in the harbor of home life, it creates a unique and unique landscape and becomes young. The new favorite of the trend of the pursuit of the family, the art glass is with its unparalleled sense of transparency, the beautiful decorative effect has become a new choice for the development of indoor decorative materials.

Use safety glass for glass or light box ceilings. It is very characteristic to use the colorful colored glass and frosted glass as the ceiling, and it is more and more used in home decoration. However, if the materials are not properly used, it is easy to cause a safety accident. In order to use safety, safety glass should be used in ceilings and other parts that are easily impacted. At present, China stipulates that tempered glass and laminated glass are safety glass.

Beauty and safety coexisting to see the glass ceiling purchase strategy

Due to its rich color and good decorative effect, glass is increasingly used in ceiling decoration. The use of glass for ceilings, although good-looking and practical, but before deciding to use glass for ceilings, you need to choose the glass for decoration.

1. Advantages of glass ceiling

The glass has the effect of amplifying the space. If the layer height is not very high, a glass mirror can be used as the ceiling to reduce the space pressure. At the same time, due to the good light-reflecting ability of the glass, the lighting can create a great atmosphere.

2. Selection of glass material

There are many kinds of glass, among which the stained glass and sandblasted glass are especially good for decoration, and it is a good material for hanging ceiling. In addition, for safety, safety glass should be used in the glass for ceilings and other parts that are easily impacted. At present, China stipulates that tempered glass and laminated glass are safety glass.

3. Glass thickness is required

It is also important to use a glass material in the glass ceiling because the thickness of the glass is self-important. For safety reasons, the thickness of the ceiling glass is generally controlled to 5 to 8 mm.

4. Different space ceilings choose different glass

Aisle ceiling. Glass ceilings are mostly used for aisle ceilings, but glass cannot be used on a large area on the ceiling. Even if it is used, the glass ceiling should be separated into squares by metal, wood or plaster.

Bathroom ceiling. The ceiling of the bathroom can be painted with lacquered glass, which does not fade, and acts as a mirror to enhance the decorative effect.

Living room ceiling. When using a glass ceiling in the living room, the width of the glass should be as small as possible because the glass is poor in bending resistance and is easily broken.

Buy a guide to the art glass ceiling to buy a trick

At present, the art glass sold on the market is roughly divided into two types: painting and color carving. From the processing method, it is divided into hot melt, die casting, and cold working and pasting. If the art glass product uses the technique of sticking, it is necessary to pay attention to the glue and sizing degree used for the paste. The method of identification is to see if the adhesive surface is bright and the area of ​​the glue is full. When purchasing, also observe whether there are hand stains, water stains and black spots remaining inside the glass during production.

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